Extra Frills

We offer custom accessories to complement any  theme or message!

Customized Adornment Options:

  • Floral Swags
  • Balloons
  • Custom Branded: Napkins | Drinkware | Coasters
  • Branded Ice
  • Custom Graphics for Truck Signage | Full Wraps |Neon Signage
  • Beverage Walls
  • Bistro Lights
  • Vintage Accent Furniture & Props for a Lounge Area
  • Giant Yard Games

Tipsy is not shy when it comes to dressing up and let it be said, when she rolls up to any event, she immediately becomes the center of attention! Whatever the mood or message you wish to convey, our ten years in the events and branding experience help you create exactly the look & theme you are after.

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